Thursday, August 5, 2010

Green Environment Q&A site proposal

I've took a shot and register a Green Environment Q&A site proposal on Area51:
Green environment
Proposed Q&A site for people interested in stuff recycling, products composting, trash utilization, alternative energy, sustainable economy, wild nature saving, green lifestyle etc. I know there are similar proposals but this one is more general thus may grow faster.

If you feel interested, please go there and follow!

1 comment:

  1. hello,

    I know this isn't the subject, but I want to ask you something.
    Some time ago you posted an alghoritm on stackoverflow, about getting driving directions
    For some routes, the path isn't drawn. There were some questions but you wanted a new post.I made one, but maybe to late.
    So, can you please tell me why the route isn't drawn in some cases?

    Thank you!