Friday, July 30, 2010

Press Release for Ecology :)

Singapore Today Online
Be Superman, Save the world with these earth-friendly apps
by May Chua (2010/7/30)
ecoFootprint (Android)
Android users can try ecoFootprint. After taking the quick test (19 questions) or full test (42 questions), you will find out how many Earths the world would need if everyone lived like you, and what you can do to minimise your footprint.

ecoTips (Android)
Here's an app that lets you walk the talk. ecoTips presents tips on greener living from the Wildlife Fund site, divided into five categories - home, travel, office, market and garden. You can use this app to educate those around you by sending tips to them via social media, email, Bluetooth or SMS.

Well, it's like a nice word to me :)

And it's an online newspaper, no wood was cut down for printing!

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