Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Android. Green. Ecology. Lamp.

Several years ago I've decided to upgrade my house lamps from light bulbs to CFL, about 7 items. I knew it will improve my electricity bill, but I never done any calculations.

Lately I was more interested in environment saving, and that brought me to idea of app which will calculate all advantages of energy saving lamps.

By some accident (maybe not-without-StackOverflow) I was gifted with N1. Thank you Google!

With ability to create ecoLamp it would be a crime not to try.

  • works offline
  • lamp types description with photos and text from Wikipedia
  • calculates energy saving, equivalent coal, gas and oil, CO2 emission, lamps waste and money saving
  • generates userbar which you can add to email, Picasa etc

  • settings for electricity tariff and measurement units
  • Ukrainian and English localisation


Please give your feedbacks!!!