Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun with SQL (games, painting, puzzles)

Several days ago my question on StackOverflow was deleted by system: Fun with SQL (games, painting, puzzles). Since it was not a real question and would be deleted again if I repost it I decided to post it here on my own territory : )

If you think SQL is boring or dumb or limited, try this:

SQL Games

Drawing with SQL

SQL Puzzles

SQL Easter eggs

Songs about SQL



  1. hai max , can u check the below link in STACK OVERFLOW ,i am sorry this is out of topic

  2. Hi Max
    when i run you code of 'RoadMapAcitivity' i encountred a crash of the application and the textView wich must display the name and the description of the Road is showing "null null" can you please help me solving this ?? regards